As I cried but softly so;
The tears fell, not a sound;
I saw them turn to shining moondrops;
Flood the floor around;
And in their glow I bathed my soul;
And floated down my hair;
They promised me to make me smile;
And soothe down all my fear.
And then they danced, the pretty ones;
To music never heard;
I stared at them; the tears they dried;
And then I laughed aloud.
Their joy reminded me of times;
When I too lived and laughed;
In knee deep love vibrant as life;
When I was stabbed at heart.
And then accused; and trampled on;
To hide improper acts;
The moon drops, oh! They know not all;
So still they dance and fall.
But then they come; caress my cheek;
In countless forms and numbers;
I wish you too had kissed and rocked me
Into a sweet deep slumber.
But that is not to be my love, but that is not to be:
Tears they still do fall in memories;
As the rains come down silently.

by Shruti Goswami

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some great mighty thought threading a dream Our own calm journey on for human sake. Beautiful lines here, excellent job. Please sir read my poem Your Smile, thanks.
A very well composed poetry.
very nice poetry profundly
A beautifully conceived nature poem portraying the marvelous course of journey of river Nile through Egypt. Thanks for sharing it here.
River Nile and in its long journey a nice poem.
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