The No Name Sister

Poem By Crystal Camacho

As I think about it more and more each day,
It comes clearer to me.
What I feel in my heart is no lie.
It is real.
When we were little,
We didn’t get along that well,
And all we did was fight.
Sometimes I sat there and shed my tears.
I knew that you didn’t mean to hurt me.
I never mean to hurt you.
Now everything is going to get crazy right quick as you get into
High School.
No matter what you do I’ll be right there.
You will take me under your wing and love me.
WE have our share of pain.
I have and will always look up to you.
Thanks for being my best friend,
A hero, and being a loving, superb sister.
I would never ask god for another soul like you.
No one can or will ever take away the sister bond that we have.
Thank you god,
For the beautiful angel that you brought into this world.
I am the luckiest little sister in the world,
By having you as my big sister.
You are and forever will be my best friend,
Hero, and loving superb sister.
I just have to say you will be in my heart and I will never forget you,
And I hope these days are the most excellent days of your life.

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