TT (Jan 14,1983 / Vancouver, WA)

The Nose Bleed Section Of Your Heart

I wish I could pull it all apart
Our past years
I’d begin before the start
I’d turn us around and upside down
Soldering us into a priceless work of art

But for now, I wander alone
In the nose bleed section of you heart
Burning holes in the souls of my shoes
I’m sifting through all these trap doors
But every time I move
The alarms come on and signs illuminate
A path is lit beneath my worn shoes
And it’s not the way to you
As I try to swallow all the words you said
I disappear alone
How come nobody else has to go too?
I want to shout but a simple nod will have to do
Yes I understand,
And for what it’s worth
I loved you

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