(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The 'Not-Yours-But-Mine' Kind

The 'not-yours-but-mine' kind,
Get upset if there is a threat to their 'intellect'.
Especially if it does not shine,
When expressing something 'known'
That is clearly not defined.

Without introspect that reflects,
They soon become protective with a stubbornness.
And insist they 'knew' what is being corrected.
But had been distracted by the facts!
You know...
The ones given to them earlier.
But wouldn't accept it in their minds...
Since they felt 'then' under attack!

There are so many around us,
Who are just like that!
You know...
The 'not-yours-but-mine' kind.
The ones who find the time,
To say someone else thinks 'they' know so much.
And quick to show themselves to be,
The ones who are out of touch!

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Very nice tongue in the cheek write....