LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

The Notebook

It has many inspiring pages,
On these pages are marvelous words,
Which initiate new ides,
That are turned into dreams.

These dreams are accomplished,
With these accomplishments, comes happiness.
This happiness spreads to faces.
Faces of people with smiles.

The smiles spread like wildfire,
Wildfires are always hard to put out,
They grasp every surface.
And soon the smile has become immortal.

Never ending smiles spread through the universe,
The universe becomes overjoyed with happiness,
And this happiness never dies.
But beyond the happiness are faces.

Faces with smiles,
They smile because they have accomplished their dreams.
They accomplished their dreams from initiating new ideas,
And these ideas came from marvelous words.

These marvelous words came from pages,
Pages that have inspired,
The pages that have inspired are in the Notebook,
The Notebook that is everlasting.

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