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The Novel History
ST ( / Scarborough, Ontario Canada)

The Novel History

Poem By Sara Turner

The pages have turned,
Leaving you no longer in my story,
The chapters have left you behind,
The author has written you out, yet:
You will never understand how very much I tried
to read between the lines,
To keep your character alive,
The hero in my book,
But the paragraphs became confusing and you,
much too difficult to read,
Elusive you hid behind words,
Yet still I strove to decipher,
But command of your language I lacked
I tried flipping back a chapter or two,
I wanted to see if I had omitted to read the part
where we must have perished,
But your name was gone,
Erased by error or time, I don't remember
New names have appeared,
To fill pages I wanted our story on,
Maybe someday I will reread our time,
Just to remember
To edit the sadness and rewrite the good,
But for now I must continue to read ahead
Catch up on the new plots that are being written.

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