The Novelist And The Poet

the difference between
the poet and the novelist

the former invites you
straight into his world
a canvas that takes
words for paint
humour for techniques
realism for images

the novelist
on the other hand
flatters you with
his intelligence
but takes the liberty
to hide behind
each of his creation/character
hard it would be to
find the man in
the maze of his words
you would gain more
hunting for him in town

the novelist is a
calculative trader
seizing any idea that could
help him sell his words

the humble poet though has
to sniff out his real self, his own god-instilled rhythm,
to let us share his adventures, colours, dreams

the novelist craft words for money
the poet craft words - to find himself and shares it with those -
who wish to find their own selves

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (1)

though i am a poet but i am not agree upon the image which you portray in poem.