(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Nuitritional Value Of The Food Fed

Anyone who has already been convinced,
That conflict and confrontation is a part of life...
To be accepted and tolerated,
Are those who rush to defend the acts,
Of their disrespectful children who lack discipline.
And they are among the same people...
Who question the nuitritional value of the food fed,
To those who are locked up for their crimes commited...
While spending rehabilitation time in prisons,
Learning updated ways to be corrupt and deceiving.
As those continue to spend taxpayers 'bucks'...
Denying they have a point of view,
That actively advocates an appreciation for decadence.

'No one here is debating 'why' these young people,
Must repay society for their misdeeds.
We feel it is most important and imperative,
That our youth today...
Be given a daily dose of the correct percentage,
Of vitamin A, E, C and D.
With a mineral supplement to maintain a healthy appearance.'

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