The Numbers On A Clock Don'T Go To The Hands... They Wait For Them.

Poem By Mary Nagy

He hugged his dad goodnight
and passed me by.
I laughed because I knew
I'm never given my hug and kiss goodnight
until he is lying in bed and tucked in.

It's the same with all my kids.
Once they're in bed
they'll yell ''I'm ready Mom! ''
and I'll go in and give them
their hug and kiss goodnight.

While he passed by me tonight
I almost felt slighted.
I said ''Hey, why do I have to get up
and Dad don't? ''
''Can't you just give me
my hug and kiss out here? ''

His explanation cracked me up!

''Why would I hug you out here Mom?
Do the numbers on a clock go to meet the hands?
No, that just wouldn't be right.
That's the same with us.
You're like the hands and I'm like the numbers.''

Comments about The Numbers On A Clock Don'T Go To The Hands... They Wait For Them.

Like a faithful clock, your hands keep perfect time... and your poetry has a wonderful chime, Mary. Great write! ! Brian
very nice write....enjoyed this
lovely nagy. i enjoy this very much

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