The Nurses Of The Red Cross

For their courage and kindness they are known everywhere
In war zones and natural disaster zones you will find them there
With the Nurses of the Red Cross few could hope to compare
One truly can say of them that their type are rare.

Their love and their kindness with those most in need they do share
Without self gain for the sick, dying and injured they lovingly care
For their corporal works of mercy they are known Worldwide
And greatness of them never can be denied.

They have the gift of compassion such a marvellous thing
And their praises we ought to feel proud for to sing
Without thought of selves their achievements are great
Amongst suffering and despair such hope they create.

Respect and honour to their humanity we ought to pay
The Nurses of the Red Cross we salute them today
They work where there's danger and suffering and fear
Yet so little of them we do read of or hear.

by Francis Duggan

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