(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Nutritional Value

We came collectively,
To request a federal investigation.

Please state your reason.'

We would like to find and identify the causes,
That have come to effect those living in our neighborhoods.

'What has been going on in 'your' neighborhoods? '

The one-on-one violence.
Rampant crime and disrespect.
The lack of discipline and initiative.
And 'why' we can not seem to qualify,
For those easy jobs we like to get.
So we can do as we please.
And do nothing but party.

'I see.
And you have been chosen to be their spokesman? '

Yes, I have.

Hopefully we can distribute to you immediately,
Something that can bring to you instant benefits.'

That would be great.
And what would that be?

'We can offer to give each of you,
A can of mixed nuts.
THEN begin,
If at all possible...
To connect this gift to how we feel about your complaints.'

Is this your attempt to offend us?

Not at all.
We are hoping one day,
In the sharing of these nuts...
You will awaken to discover the nutritional value.
And perhaps your eyes will open much wider than they are.
Let's keep our fingers crossed, okay? '

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This is why you are one of Gods greatest poets.