(13 June 1865 – 28 January 1939 / County Dublin / Ireland)

'Take The First Step'

He who is without sin
need to take the first of step.
Is there any among you, so rightous
Anyone who feels that they're the best?

We all walk around pointing fingers
where four of them at you now point.
Fingers crippled point with your condemnation
with body language, them now anoint.

We sit in pews giving Religious praise
yet towards God's own children
our fingers pointed now are raised.

Our wagging tongues, opinions rage
At two Presidential hopefulls
Televised debates upon a stage.

Where prayers for our Nations President, be more of need
Take the first step out for God
For America's people with God succeed.

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Is Yeats being cynical and degrading of a blood sacrifice? Perhaps he knows 'craven'. Sure it seemed like a futile act to charge a machine gun post. That is why he is called The O Rathallaigh. Would the English have listened if we sent flowers and chocolates. Yeats reflects his rich upbringing, me thinks.