The Oak Tree

Summer time Eden is a jade-green pleasure
And for Eve each moment there is a golden treasure
And all of nature strives to please her in this time of leisure

She loves the warm gentle breeze to caress her hair
And the morning sun to embrace her flesh so bare
She loves the harmonic chatter of the birds she does see
And the protecting shade of the great Oak tree

That she is one of God and Eden's most beloved is quite clear
So these friends make sure to keep her in good cheer

Once when God walked with her along a sandy coast
He asked 'Of these four joys, which do you love the most? '
She replied 'When the fair summer darkens and dies
When from slumber the gruesome goddess autumn does arise
The deceitfully steady kind wind is the first to turn harsh and cold
Whatever affection it had for me is officially annulled

When the late autumn rain attacks me like daggers from all sides
Then behind black storm clouds the sun cowers and hides
If that's the way the wind is blowing
Then that's the way the sun is going

But the good strong oak tree is not the same
All autumn it stands firmly and shields me from the rain
While the birds abandon me in winter and fly away
Rooted firmly by my side the oak tree does stay

When in winter the last night does fall
Gravely next to me sits the oak tree wide and tall
As I spread myself in the soft brown earth
And lay to my rest

I awake in spring Eden, to never again be distressed
And to have the oak tree which battles with me all seasons
I feel most of all blessed

by Laura Greene

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Comments (2)

This is very enjoyable Laura. I love the way you describe the mighty oak and how you connect with it. This is really great and I love the soft tone you use in these wonderful words. Thank you for sharing. A 10+++++ Love & hugs, Barbara
Laura I just love the Oak and all other trees this poem is a great tribute to a grand old tree.I just love the way you put your verses together cheers Sylvie I haverwritten a poem called Ode to the Trees you may like to read it some time. cheers