(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Obvious

The obvious does have its way,
To offend those pretending...
Each step they had taken and wilfully,
Somehow blindsided...
To have led them astray.

Even children unfamiliar,
Will make comments about what is seen.
Only to be told by those preferring 'blindness',
To look elsewhere and with immediacy...
For the purpose to keep them innocent.
And explanations kept nonexistent.

The obvious does have its way,
To offend those pretending.
As current events come to diminish and quick,
A quality of life sliding into an oblivion.
To disregard a momentum as a coincidence.

Yet upset and alarmed,
People everywhere are beginning to get.
Although the obvious has been mentioned,
By the ones already selected and picked...
To be ignored as misfits and dissidents.

For whatever the reasons people refuse to connect,
Steps they have taken...
But wont and can't acknowledge the affects they left,
Will always produce those reducing their involvement.
To rely on the blaming of someone else,
Of causing their lives to live to be limited and minimized.

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