SJ (1991 / arizona)

The Ocean And Me

I played in the ocean,
that drowned a thousand men,
that sunk the titanic,
and many boats since then,
i played as if it was safer then safe,
as if its water,
many lives it did not take.

I sat on it's sands,
with the sun gleaming down,
and no one for miles,
could be seen,
with a frown.

I stared into it's magnificence,
it's glorious magnificence,
the kind of amazingness,
you see once in a,

I watched as it's tides,
fought with each other,
pulling north to south,
east to west,
with no boundaries,
knowing it could take us all down,
in one vigorous swoop.

And as i watched the ocean,
the ocean watched me,
and we looked at each other,
thinking the other,
was so free,
i held the world in my hands,
when the ocean stared back,
and i watched it,
and it watched me.

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