The Ocean

Upon the crest of a wave I see
hidden memories held within.
New ones created, from every bough
on every ship, that travels bound

for some new pasture.
Such hope and yet such loss,
is the ocean's promise.
It's force men think can be tamed.

Yet that is what the ocean
wants you to believe.
It can bite and snap,
or it can be calm and cool.

A million promises made,
and broken upon it's shores.
A billion memories made
and broken, lying on it's floors.

The ocean is natures untameable force.

(C) Victoria Elizabeth Hughes September 2005

by Victoria Hughes

Comments (8)

Well done. Congrats on poem of the day. Hmmmmm.... I just realized that you haven't submitted anything since 2007, so you probably won't see all these nice comments people are leaving.
Very good poem. Keep it up
Beautiful poetry full of hope. Thanks for sharing.
Upon the crest of a wave I see - there is a beauty in each words. Powerful concept. I like it.
It is amazing how a perfect poem can out of a untameable force like the ocean. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you.
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