The Oceans

Noone owns the oceans
Noone owns the seas
They are there for us to look at
So far and wide to me
Waves stretch so far across the oceans
So far beyond worlds greatest notions
When i think, my thoughts are invaded
By wonderful things that God created
As i gazed into the sky
There i saw before my eyes
One of worlds freest spirits
and to me the birds are dearest
then i looked across blue waters
and saw nothing but the sun
it was then i realized
that my life has just begun

by Phyllis Rania

Comments (2)

I thought the poem was great. I understand the comment however, the poet chose to stretch the middle stanze, hence poetic license. Nice job, PR.
I liked every stanza except the middle one. Change lines 6,7 and 8, it just sounds a tad clunky there,