The Odyssey

Illiums' ruins burn behind me,
I stand on the shore and
Stare out across the wine-dark sea.
I pretend your standing on the shores of Ithaca,
Looking out across the sea for me.
I still see your face in my mind,
10 years cannot have changed your beauty,
Because now I’m coming home,
Coming home for you,
And I pray to the Gods that you’re still waiting for me.

The Gods curse me,
They do no give me a pause from my toils.
We battle on, but my crew are weary,
The years have rolled by since Illium,
And I still have my memory of you,
And I hope that you think of me too.
I’m doing all this so I can come home to you.

Gods, I pray,
Make sure she’s waiting for me,
Gods, please make sure she’s waiting for me.

I grab onto a branch for dear life.
I have seen my crew slaughtered
In front of my eyes, I truly am alone now.

Waves carry me along,
I have lost everything.
How many more lives will the Gods take,
So I can see your face again?
How much more must I do to see your face again?

Stuck here against my will.
The devil woman makes me suffer.
She has beauty, but nothing compared to you.
I pray every night and day that she will let me go.
But I have little hope.
All I have is the memory of your face in my mind’s eye.

I sailed away from the nymph’s island,
I sailed to a land of friendly people.
They treat me nicely, I tell them of my journey.
It has been 20 years since I last saw your face.

They are taking me home.
They put me on a ship with everything I need,
I am back in power, the men at my command,
But most of all I’m coming home to you.
I’m coming back to see you face,
Time and trials have withered mine,
I hope neither have touched you.
I shall see your face again,
After all my trials,
I shall see your face again,
I pray to the Gods that you have waited for me,
As I have for you.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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Best Poem Yet! *fact* a truly beautifully writen beginning and consistent throughout the poem.... A personal favourite. sebxx