My Idea Of Beauty

Beauty is the sensation of your heart skipping a beat,
when eyes full of mischief glance at you...
Beauty is the smile which appears on your lips, when you think of the way he smiles at you...
Beauty is in the heart which touches another
Beauty is tender hands holding each other
Beauty is strong arms holding you warm
Beauty is in water, beauty is in weather,
beauty is in air, beauty is in life
Beauty is in love, beauty is in wind...
Beauty surrounds you days and nights
yet no one knows beauty's heights...

by Nitya Pillai

Comments (3)

I would have liked to have had this translation in college to ease my passage through some sticky spots but I also miss the grandeur of the translation we used back in the dinosaur days... No, I didn't read the whole thing posted here- I am trying to do less continuous reading to save strain on my left eye. This should have gotten a 10 rating but with the trolls running loose on PH I doubt it...
Indeed Homer is a Vyasa of Classical Greek Poetry!
The lucid translation brings us face to face with 'The Odyssey'- the crowing beauty of world literature written by Homer originally in Greek in the 8th century BC. The epic focuses on the return journey of Greek Hero Odysseus or Ulysses, the king of Ithaca, after the fall of Troy. A joy to read along with 'Iliad'- again by Homer.