Mystery Traveller Sonnets - Sonnet 1

You arrived suddenly in my life, O sweet mystery,
You brought such tender hope, such gift to know,
Know you not at all but wondering who might be,
Sweet traveler, mystery traveler – Who are thou?
Your gifts of words pour such shower of pure joy,
O joyful prose that brings me balm of peace,
Please, you should know, inside I’m just a boy,
Who looks for love, and love’s what brings such bliss.
Know you not at all; I wonder what you look like,
Your wondrous mind, your beautiful pure soul,
Brings to my mind, so sweet a form, a look-alike,
Beyond my wildest dreams, I see that glow.
These lines I write, they were made just for thee,
And only thee will be my lovely mystery.


by Roberto Echanes

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Just wonderful! Raynette