GP (August 8,1963 / Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines)

The Old Are The Forgers Of Tomorrow

Doctor Jose Rizal once said,
The hope of the future is the youth.
But sometimes I can't sleep in bed,
Thinking if it's a myth or the truth.

For we, too, can have a future
Mired in poverty and servitude,
Corruption and ugly suture,
Shabu and many a Robin Hood.

What Rizal said is just one-half
Of the formula for the nation.
The other half lies with the old
Who can forge hot the youth's foundation.

Rizal wrote at the prime of life.
He never grew old, didn't have a child.
Forgot the future with his wife,
Who went underground, nowhere to hide.

I have to cut this poem though,
For I just want to say that the old
Are the forgers of tomorrow,
So the youth can face life strong and bold.

by Gilbert Pangyarihan

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