The Old Dance

In twilight days of half meals
We gathered weapons in, anger
Long stilled into vaporous ether
Whisked away unseen, a constant

by Tailor Bell Click to read full poem

Comments (13)

A pervasive and intense sense of the futility of violence, physical and vocal/emotional, personal and beyond, positively drips from these extremely eloquent and sorrowful lines. Every line is superb, but the final lines of each stanza reach the highest peaks of poetic artistry. This is awesome Tailor!
The eloquence and terseness of this poem - just totally admirable. This just explodes off the screen. Kudos. - Will
Wonderful use of language, every line packed with meaning. Hugs Anna xxx
Tailor this is of course an excellent poem. There must be another way to settle our differences without the constant fighting, physically and mentally, the horrific pain of families brought on by the loss of life of loved ones. This poem is one that should be read by all. Thankyou---Melvina
Excellent. Strong and deeply cutting, incisive lines and message. Powerplay. Patrick
Admiration for your eloquence - and hope that our fellow (however disturbing) citizens will heed this profound cry. Besides, it's simply very well-written. Craft devoted to truth. I admired this greatly. I try to keep my comments short. Lucky you! -Will
I like your 'clumsy waltz' - and the lyrical narrative of this splendid poem with its lost youth and mindless battles and unrequitted ideals. There is angst and resignation and great charm in your words. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mezmerizing like a little wooden flute, Tailor
Both the fighting of flesh and torn minds...the physical vs mental. Great contrast of ideas and ideals here Tailor. Thanks.
A very strong series of points made here, if we are to battle for battles sake then all is lost to those that par-take, we must collectivly search for peace and join together in its cooling shade, Thankyou for sharing this...Love duncan X
Deep thought here Tailor.... well done!
The Old Dance far surpasses the Constant Prance by that jerk who posts for the sake of seeing his name on this site. Might that egomaniac be John Kerry under a pseudonym? SHEEEESH!
Tailor, I like the inventiveness here. Its original, and most importantly, musical. Nice one. -LP