Rosa Mundi

'No excuse' has been given short - shrift
My heart is too cumbersome to lift.
A mop head rose after a shower.
Wish, I didn't care for him, didn't flounder.

… I've given him his marching orders
He's told his last lie. I can't help but cry,
The die has been, cast. Bring in the lawyers
I'll show him thorns a rose not to defy.

I'll cut him to ribbons. And show him
I can be bicolour like Rosa Mundi
The white of my heart of his crimson
Splattering's laced imperturbably.

by Mark Heathcote

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The memories of childhood from the poet is super.
Absolutely awesome! Lovely poem indeed.
I am shocked by the low score awarded to this poem. Perhaps, because I could so completely relate to this poem, I think it is a 10. Sometimes, whether or not justified, I can hijack a poem, and read it like it was about my own life, like I actually wrote it. This poem speaks to me. Speaks of my own life: My childhood friends, gone; my young adult drinking chums, gone; My old lover, and my mother too, gone. I too, ghost-like, pace round the haunts of my childhood, a desert that was once flush. This poem is loosely written in iambic pentameter, which means it contains one stressed syllable followed by unstressed etc. This makes a poem flow effortlessly. Just think of Poe's Annabel Lee and how effortlessly that poem reads. Reread this poem and look at the pattern. It's beautiful, it's quasi mathematical. Each part before or after a comma has 5 or 6 syllables. And then the repetition. 'All, all are gone' that places emphasis on the word All, on his pain. Like you might call out in agony if your lover left you, SHE, she is gone! His pain is palpable.
I will comment on this beautiful poem later, I am annoyed by Thabani's incessant copy and paste that he would like to write like this, only if god would bless him enough to! Stop pasting that. You want to write like that than practice, practice, practice. Study the old masters, study vocabulary, read books like A Poetry Handbook, study literature, but for god's sake stop copying and pasting that stupid sentence. Why are you doing that?
I have a vision to write like this, only if god would bless me enough
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