The Old Four Mile Creek

The old four mile creek it is bone dry it ceased to flow ages ago
It succumbed to the drought and long dry spell just one more creek that does not flow
It used to flow from the old brown hills along by the old Country Town
The drains that used feed it long gone dry in the countryside so bare and brown.

Another victim of thirsty El Nino of moisture he sucks everywhere dry
And another warm day in the Summer and not a rain cloud in the sky
The few showers of rain we had last week one would hardly notice at all
It would be a great gift from Nature a few weeks of heavy rainfall.

The old four mile creek looks forlorn without water it cannot be a creek
Not even water for a poor parched bird in which it could dip it's dry beak
We've not had heavy rains now for six months for a dry spell that seem a long span
These long spells of very dry weather are not good for bird, beast or man.

The old four mile creek is not flowing to the river to the ocean shore
One dry creek I've seen in my travels believe me there are many more
And no talk of rain in the forecast more warm and dry weather ahead
And the sun that all day long glowed brightly like a huge fireball is setting red.

by Francis Duggan

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