The Old Glasheen Rill

In Johnny Hickey's field in view of Clara hill
We used to catch elvers in the old Glasheen Rill
In jam jars for the fun of it and release them again
Good memories of childhood years till death with us does remain.

In Johnny Hickey's field from here far away
Do children catch elvers in the Glasheen today
Each new generation does bring with it change
And what was once seen as fun may now be seen as cruel and strange.

The boys of the fifties are now looking gray
And time does not wait it keeps ticking away
The praises of ageing heroes some may sing
But the great joy of youth is a marvellous thing

In the old Glasheen Rill that to the Finnow flow
In Johnny Hickey's field many Summers ago
In jam jars we captured elvers later to set them free
A memory from childhood still living in me.

by Francis Duggan

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