The Old Hills Of South Gippsland

From late Autumn to Spring they look green and in Summer they look brown
The hills of south Gippsland above Toora Town
On a clear day one can see for kilometers around
Of the scenic countryside of south Gippsland from the higher ground
The high grassy hills close to the highway
To drive by them they do look quite beautiful on a clear sunny day
Long before the Shire now known as Gippsland did have a name
The old hills were there long before the first people came
To live by the hills that had trees on them then
That thousands of years later were removed by European pioneering men
The hills of South Gippsland all but treeless today
But they do look quite beautiful in truth one can say
The old hills of South Gippsland lit by the sunlight
For those driving on the highway a beautiful sight.

by Francis Duggan

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