The Old Hopkins River

The old Hopkins River in flood waters of brown
Deep and slow and silent does crawl on by Warrnambool Town
On towards the Blue Hole where into the Pacific it does flow
How old are the rivers would anyone know?
Before it got it's English name it has flowed to the sea centuries before the Dreamtime
The Hopkins that has inspired song, story and rhyme
On it's long winding journey by night and by day
It has flowed to the sea from it's source far away
In long gone Summers by the bank of the river in the shade of the trees
Australia's first people danced their Corroborees
Many centuries since then to the ways of time have gone
But the old Hopkins River to the ocean flows on
And that few things last in time it well may be so
The river flows on though people to life come to and from go.

by Francis Duggan

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