The Old House

The red skies engulf the bay under
Whilst silence sweeps the current away
Islands, harbor, creeks, rocks and sholes
Soundings and anchoring
Entice and hypnotize

A distance throw from the jetty
Stray dogs run toward the old house
Its long lost companion and shelter
Five years ago it was filled with plot lines
A best selling wonder, worth a ponder
The old house by the bay
Memories linger on the walls,
Hide in the pillars
Float on the roof
Stray dogs find its way in
They see another alluring chapter
Once, I lived there

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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A really nice poem... ^__^
thats a really great poem please write more s i can read them. hope your doing well!
thats a really great poem very.... powerful words............
Interesting and excellent poem, thank you for sharing................10++++++++++
The old house, full of sweet memories, expressed nicely! ..........
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