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The Old Man
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The Old Man


The old man.
The man who was old,
Felt very cold.
He felt a hard pain,
In his head and brain.
H lost his appetite,
And his lips became white.
His eyes became red,
And has lied in bed.
He was unambitious,
Pale an unconscious.
.He was worry,
And felt sorry.
He tried to resist,
But his health did not assist.
He went to hospital,
And since has nothing to tell.
Every knows,
He had bad news.
He remembered his past,
In a second it seems to last.
He felt life is short,
And gloomy some sort.
He felt death is near,
And was full of fear.
Every thing was black,
Either at sleep or awake.
He felt a big nostalgia,
To members of familia.
He was fainted,
And mercy he wanted.
The man had an aids,
And farewell he bids.

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