The Old Man Danced

When times were hard
And life weighed down heavily
Upon his shoulders
The old man danced

When the true love
That was his forever
Left without rhyme or reason
To free himself from sorrow
The old man danced

When many years had passed
And love was replaced by loneliness
And all those he had cared for
Passed on into the ages
The old man danced

These days
Even though
He is much younger than he was
So, so many years ago
He never lets a day go by
Or lets a good deed go unsung
Unless he dances

And as time eventually frees
All the souls it touched at birth
And the brightness of life
Passes on into night
In the darkness there waits a soul
Who wants nothing more
Then to come into the light
And dance
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
C. J. Krieger “The Dancing Poet”

by Cecil (C.J.) Krieger

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dancing a romantic motion that put every flesh in rhythm...always fascinating so as reading your poems thanks