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The Old Man In My Bed

I woke this morning to find
An old man in my bed.
Short grey halo
Surrounding his bald head,
Glasses at the bedside
Hard backed book
Half read.
His eyes flickered open
A smile lit up his face
This stranger looked straight at me
“Morning love”, he said.
But something is familiar
In those melting chocolate eyes
The smile lines, I don’t know them
But, oh, those muddy pies.
Before their quick sand
Suck me in
I tear myself away
Rush into the bathroom
Keep this man at bay.
And who’s this woman staring
From the mirror
Back at me?
With double chin and wrinkles
And grey roots I can see.
Strangely like my mother
A long lost aunt maybe
She’s got the family frown line
But who on earth is she?
Now I’m looking closely
She starts to ring a bell
The crooked nose is mine
For sure
And scarred from where I fell
The years have gone too quickly
And boy they took their toll
One minute I was lithesome
The next I’m chubby, old.
Now the man is singing
He’s mine
I know that now
20 years together
Since we made our solemn vow.
Ups and downs and in betweens
The good, the bad, the rest
The old man in my bed, I know
Has got to be the best.

Happy Anniversary Darling!

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What a splendid portrait you paint my friend! Thanks. Please read my 'Anniversary.'
When you accept what the mirror says then youn are at peace with yourself and all around good write top marks Chris
I want to cheer for you and your old man..........................and the mirror for telling it's tale. We are all going where you's not such a bad place. Love is special. Great poem
''Beautiful! Nice Job''
Simply beautiful! ! ! So many times I have thought the same things as I find time has changed so much about me and the one that I love so much. I still have young thoughts but the hardware is worn and frayed. Great poem.
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