The Old Man Who Loved Life

The old man who loves life may have lost his sexual drive
But he never does lose his great will to survive
His better days may have been in decades long gone
But even on his death-bed he wants to live on.

He wants to live on just to see out the day
His great lust for life till his end with him stay
Fighting for life's breath on his death-bed he lay
That he did die easily none of him can say.

By twenty five years he has outlived his wife
He did not fight in war but he fights for his life
For him there never was or will never be a parade
Out of his type of person heroes are never made.

At the local pub he has drunk his last beer
And he was one who did enjoy his pot of cheer
He has always loved life and to life he clings dear
But with the Reaper beside him his end it is near.

The old man who loved life he was buried today
With the remains of his long dead wife his forever now lay
And though one seen by the patriotic as a lesser light
In the only fight worth fighting for he fought the good fight.

by Francis Duggan

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