XML (9-7-86 / san jose albq)

The Old Me

i do what i do
because the stuff my father put me through.
at the age 15 i dropped outta high school.
because i beat the stuff out of some fool.
started maken so much money
that sh! t wasn't funny.
i had my own crib.
gurl was so fine, Ihad to split my gandpa's wig.
he was very disrespectful.
grab my gurls burt by the handful.
I comfronted him which he pulled out a knife.
said' your no gangsta' tried to take my life.
what he didnt know i stay straped with my nine.
hit that sucka couple of times.
he started to bleedin he could have died
but, i let it be know, don't mess with.
whats MINE..........

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