Albert Einstein Dreams

The great scientist Albert Einstein
Born in the land of river Rhine
At the city of Ulm in charming Bavaria
He dreamed to live in peace and harmony
In his loved motherland of Germany
His dreams were short lived
There was lot of turmoil taking place
Adolph Hitler came along with fury
He seized power and rose quickly
He declared himself the ultimate Fuehrer
Albert Einstein hurriedly fled to Austria
He worked at patent office in Vienna
Scientific inquiries were his passion
He thought to combine laws of nature in some fashion
At young age he developed the theory of relativity
A master piece of physics and mathematical complexity
Then he came up with a famous celebrated relation
Tying mass, energy and speed of light in simple equation
The consequences of such discovery is awesome
It can bring to humanity great benefits and bright future
Or nuclear age with destruction, and annihilation
This is the great legacy of a twenty century giant
Albert Einstein finally lived and died in America

by Sherif Monem

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