The Old Murray River

Near the sea in South Australia the Murray River flows brown
Through the old and dry countryside by Tailem Bend Town
A river that has flowed for centuries before the dinosaur time
And has been the inspiration of story and rhyme

On Summer days many centuries ago in the shade of the trees
The black tribes had their festivals and danced their corroborees
From the old and dry country the tribes have long gone
But the ageless old Murray forever flows on

On it's winding way to the Pacific shore
It has flowed forever and will forever more
The Seasons to our lives do come and do go
And we quickly do age and time becomes our foe

But the ancient brown Murray forever will flow
On it's way to the ocean crawling deep and slow
Through bare and dry paddocks the color of hay
To the mighty Pacific by night and by day.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (2)

Wonderful Francis. Can I use it for our 'boatie' friend's Memorial Wake this week please?
Hi, I love this poem, the description, and how you see the Murray Darling. It's really good!