PDC (June 7th / Toronto)

The Old Oak

I sat beneath the old oak
Through the year without moving
I had nothing to help me enjoy the peaceful days of summer
In the fall I continued to sit motionless
For I had nothing to do
Then the cold winds came from the north
Issuing in the snows of winter
I had nothing with me to keep myself warm
So there I sat chilled to the bone
The snows slowly melted away into spring
I had nothing to protect myself from the rain
So I sat beneath the old oak preparing for the next year
Then you came
You were there to enjoy the summer with me
I now had a reason to move during the fall
When winter came along
You kept me warm even when the snow was all around me
When the winds and rain of spring came, you were my shelter
I sat beneath the old oak knowing I would enjoy the year to come

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