Scary Dream

One night I woke up suddenly,
Because I had a scary dream.
It was a real nightmare,
A horror full of human scream.

Dozens of terrifying creatures,
Frightened people, a real mess.
A danger on every corner,
And everything seemed hopeless.

At one point one creature saw me,
I was scared and all alone.
I started to run as fast as I could,
And tried to escape from the danger zone.

The creature was very big,
Dark colored, with scary eyes.
A fear was getting bigger and bigger,
I was covered with sweat as cold as ice.

I didn’t look behind me,
I just wanted to run away,
But creature was faster then me,
I had to find some other way.

I turned into a dark, little street,
And tried to find some place to hide.
I didn’t know how far the creature was,
I hoped it would go to some other side.

I hid in some old wooden house,
Saw the stairs and climbed up,
But the creature angrily broke the door,
And a loud sound woke me up.

Next thing which I remember,
I was lying in bad in my flat,
But this dream seemed so real,
I woke up all covered with sweat.

by Nemanja Pavlovic

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