The Way She Makes Me Feel

The way she makes me feel,
To feel again the beats; to feel the love so real.

The way she looks at me,
Like a child looking at her Christmas tree.

The way she gives to me;
Hope, love and feelings to be.

The way she touches my hand,
As if I was her dream from wonderland.

The way she kisses my lips,
And runs through my hair her fingertips.

The way she watches me shave,
As if I worked on a masterpiece or a fashion wave.

The way she feels with me; the way I feel with her:
It makes both of us flying high up there.

And when she wraps her arms and whispers,
She wraps a lifetime love around my shoulders.

And when I kiss her hand, she helps me to understand:
That you're never the same when you fall in love again.


To a woman I pray to hold each day.

To a heart with bliss, I dedicate with a kiss.

Copyright ©2006

by Osama Aldeyasty

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