Showing My Love

Everyday I am suffering
from this game of love,
No one knows
if I could win your heart.
My friends keep on telling me
good things about you,
but I want now, to go on through.

I was already deaf of my heart,
cause it always screaming your name.
Tell me the things I used to do,
to help me to forget you.

Love me, hate me
it's okay for me.
I just want you to know
what's inside of me...

by Jorge Wagwag, Jr.

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The water in this old pond symbolizes wisdom. A frog jumps in the pond. The only sound heard is of the water, not the frog.
what is the moral or theme of this poem. I need help ASAP
need sum help
I first heard it this way: Old stone pond Tiny frog Kersplash!
I first heard it like this: Old stone pond Tiny frog Kersplash!
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