088. Getting Annoyed With The Way

Getting annoyed with the way
this existence lies
’cause it seems like there’s no truth
don’t try to over analyse

So sick of hearing about these stupid battles
that people want stopped
but is it not time we all joined in
another world war won’t make a difference
we’ll still all be dead in the end

Are we running out of ways
to run and hide from the trash
that we call life
isn’t it a shame when we won’t stand up
and face it head on

If you want to have anything
you have to fight for it
even if you want to have peace
surely that's not right

Death is the disease we pretend to be
yet even we can’t escape it
sure we’ll avoid it for a few years
but then it catches up
and does not let go

by John Westlake

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need sum help
I first heard it this way: Old stone pond Tiny frog Kersplash!
I first heard it like this: Old stone pond Tiny frog Kersplash!
The anonymous one is flipping funny Dere wasa dis frogg Gone jumpa offa da logg Now he inna bogg
this pom was kind of confusing.
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