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The Old Ship Ireland

The Old Ship Ireland
By Mai Venn

It's April now and everything is coming to life,
In the garden daffodils gently flutter in the breeze,
However, Ireland has no Captain on board the Dáil,
We are abandoned, left to the elements, adrift...
Sailing away like the phantom Flying Dutchman,
No one in charge to guide the ship safely home,
Two possible choices of Captain to be considered upon -
One who previously held post but ruled the people with austerity,
The other giving the impression he understands,
Whom do we trust? The wrong choice and this ship will go under.
The good ship Ireland has seen many gales and yet remains afloat,
Now we are approaching a political storm of power seeking.
Domination can tear a country in two if in the wrong hands,
Folk will suffer again if the Captain does not have a kind heart.
This time if the ship goes will the Captain save his passengers?
Give them a life jacket? Or will he be the first to the lifeboat?
The answer, my friends, depends on the heads of those chosen.

by Mai Venn

Comments (2)

But Ireland has no Captain on board the Dail We are abandoned left to the elements, a drift Sailing away like the phantom Flying.... writing about Ireland in your own terms, in your own experience... a well framed poem. thank you with lots of examples..... thank you again. tony
Coming to life. Nice work.