The Old Stallion

The proud stallion roamed the open range
Free and wild fight to death to protect his
heard For many years the stallion an all
the horses Roamed this land wild an free
At times you can see him stand high on
top of the mountain Then one day man did
come started killing them off one by one
Capturing them but the old stallion still very
wise an strong always out maneuver them
Those that were caught were hauled away
to packers Ninety percent of the horses that
were free an wild where Captured by man so
man could have the land Few horses were left
an forgotten including the old stallion Man took
all means for them to survive I lived deep in the
woods in old log cabin have a few horse couple
of dogs But own 300 acres far in the woods
Wanted to help the old stallion an the horses that
were left but didn't know how So to bed i went to
think about it Dogs were raising cane out side
Looking out my window saw in disbelief The old
stallion brought the rest of the horses to safety
Stepping on the porch the stallion held his head
low Looking straight into my eyes Thats when i
knew horses can cry Had my land fence to
protected those that were left Out of twenty now
theres hundred and twenty

by Jackie Kirby

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