He Loved Me.....?

He hurt me,
He betrayed me
so how could he love me?

He cheated,
He Lied,
Yet he still held me?

He swore
and he fought
So why did he kiss me?

I hated Him
He hated me
yet he claims he loved me?

by Lauren Secret

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This is my favourite poem by Emily Bronte. Her strength in facing her death, her courage - and if she felt regret, and I often think how could she not- there's no self pity. To look back as she did on her past ambitions, however fleeting or shadowy they were and to mock not only that ambition but herself for feeling it or even needing it. I wish myself as capable of turning from the ephemeral, worldly ambition we claim as so important today and grasp more sincerely the deeper, finer things of living we too often take for granted.
||__________________________________________________________________|| This poem was in my school text and I have always loved this poem. As I remember Emily wrote this poem as she was slowly approaching her death in her early 30's dying out of Tuberculosis which was not at all curable at her time. ||__________________________________________________________________||