The Old Things Were True, The New Things Were Fake

I cry when I am sad
Simple things makes me laugh
I am true and genuine
That was when I was a child

I always say hi to the people I like
and doesn't bother to the ones I hate
I always show my true colors
Fair and square to all, carefree

The time of great influence has changed me now
Now, there's a different me
All the things I knew before,
Was left and changed in me

Now, I wear faces
I change dresses and styles
I can't stay with one
just to please someone

I am proud in all the things I learn
but except with one
I wish I never grown to such of these things
I wish I was just like a child, none other than!

Before, I was expressive in all I think and feel
Never scared of showing things that are true and real
Today, I hope I'll be that way again, mild and kind
It'll be better if we were all simple as a child

by udontwannaknow really

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