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The Old Victorian School House
JAH Julia Ann Holliday ( / Swansea, Wales)

The Old Victorian School House

Remembering the old schoolroom
with tears and heavy sighs,
Where fear lurked behind
the eyes of innocent child,
Forced to please traditions hardened rules
Which were no more than.....madness.
And hidden within the books and balls
The terror creeping down the walls.
Yet no one spoke, fear to defend,
Left us with so much.....sadness.
We sat in despair, as tyrant ruled,
Our hearts did beat, we held our breath,
This worse than death.
Through our ordeals we nothing learnt,
Is evil good? Is darkness light?
We left so weak, we could not fight.
With no one strong to defend,
So grin and bear the beatings there,
With bloodstained cane,
We feel the pain,
And pray, justice, she will find us.

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