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The Old Widow

He loved the old widow
This gentle old man
But he couldn't get courage
To ask for her hand

So once every day
He would send her a rose
It was his only way
To let her know

And for six long years
It was always the same
He would place each rose
Upon her window pane

Then one day she worried
And she worried some
When the gentle old man
His roses didn't come

She went to his house
Where she knew he lived
His small little farm
Near the top of the hill

But he wasn't there
His neighbors were home
They told the old widow
Of his love so strong

They said he's alright
At a hospital in town
He will soon be back home
His health let him down

She sat on his front porch
With her head in her hands
She had a good cry
For this gentle old man

The very next day
When the old man arrived
His pipe fell from his hands
And he rubbed both his eyes

He couldn't believe
What was on his front lawn
There stood the old woman
With wide open arms

As he walked to her
And as he came near
He could see in her eyes
The falling tears

She told the old man
You silly old fool!
Did you think for one moment
I didn't love you too!

As the old man held her
He brushed back the tears
He told the old woman
These are the best years.

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