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The Old Woman And Her Son
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The Old Woman And Her Son

The dawn breaks in the east
I watch her coming out from
Her cottage through the mist

As a soft wind blows slow
She waters the plants and
Plucks flowers leaning low

She walks across the lawn
With short paces and hums
A song remembering her son

Who had gone to fight wars
To free his country from the
Cruel invaders and plunderers

Long ago her son was dead
She had heard the news and
Smiled as if she was very glad

Tears did not fall from her eyes
She wore a smiling face and said
If you have taken birth you must die

On the stairs she went on waiting
Through long nights and days
Winter came and snow started falling

Her body was found at the gate
Eyes wide open and shining as if
In the heaven to her son she met

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