A Zombie (Stop Deleteing It..! !)

God come on man ease my pain
I don't deserve this i ain't to blame
What the hell did i do
Nothing makes sense no more not even you

Theres no place for me on this earth
So hit me up with your worst
Make it fast or slow you can choose
Burn my outer shell and feed the fire with boose

No pain or pressure can even amount
To everything I've been through, i lost count
Numb from the inside out
Cutting me up not able to shout

This earth has nothing to give to me
So why would i even want to be
Walking around on my cold feet
I don't even feel my heart beat

As a matter of fact i think its dead
Everything i see is black or red
I stopped listening a long time ago
Ive gotten so sluggish and slow

Sitting down not thinking about life
Is the best way to keep me away from the knife
My soul slowly draining away
Theres nothing left for me to say

No one knows who i truly am
I don't even know who i am, damn
Why did you choose me and my soul
I didn't sign up for this role

Its too rough and I'm too weak
So just let my blood leak
Out of my heart onto the floor
My life is no more

Its better off if you don't know me
Everything gets corrupted when they see
What I truly am to be
A Zombie

by Joshua Thomas Gage

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please respond to jack45@uniontel.net about the poem, The Pilgrims I told you about. Thanks.
The poem The Pilgrims I can't find it. It starts out: Through the snow and cold the pilgrims went. With courage high and hearts content. I'm offering a reward to anyone who can find this poem.