Travel Haiku - Storm King Art Centre (New York)

Storm King Art Centre
two sculptures linked up
by their shadows

Storm King Art Centre
a shadow link up
two statues

Storm King Art Centre
the old woman picks one statue
as her meditation point

Storm King Art Centre
one sculpture holds up
a nest

Storm King Art Centre
she walks round and round
for her favourite statue

An hour north and a world away from Manhattan, New York's Storm King Art Center boasts 500 pristine acres dedicated to the display of contemporary sculptures. Both a museum and park, the public space intermingles natural elements including the sky, trees, sloping plains, and bodies of water with work from such artists as Alexander Calder, Andy Goldsworthy, and Richard Serra. Bring a picnic, give Storm King an afternoon, and by dusk you'll likely be plotting a return visit.

by john tiong chunghoo

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please respond to about the poem, The Pilgrims I told you about. Thanks.
The poem The Pilgrims I can't find it. It starts out: Through the snow and cold the pilgrims went. With courage high and hearts content. I'm offering a reward to anyone who can find this poem.