The Omen Rides

Poem By Corny Black

It’s over, fade to black
Then white
Then blood red and shining
And then a rotten green
that no one cares for and ignores
Then the brown of my eye
But darker than I can manage
And unleash my hidden rage,
For when I try I fail
Find that I am disabled
And I’m choking
On something bitter.
Something I can’t release.

Tonight he rides South
Tomorrow, East
Do you live there?
In that windy town or
Run-down city?
If you’re there
Be scared
He’s not one for
Compassion or mercy
He’ll choke the air with his engine
Burn the roads with his wheels
Scorch the sky with his wings
He’s no man
He’s no demon
Just the perfect rage
And a darker shade than me.

And if black fades
What is left?
White is nothing
Grey is nothing
Only black can release me,
Or red, or a darker shade of brown
Watch blood run on the road
Your blood
My lips smile
Are there flames in the sky tonight?
Or is that just an illusion
Tinted by the blood
I’m on the border at the end of the line now
I’ll step over the fence, onto the road
Saddle my bike
Spurt my black fumes into the air around me
Close my eyes
And when I open them, they’re a darker shade than before

If I find you, will I kill you?
I know I should
And take you to hell
But of course there is part of me
Or perhaps all of me, and none of him
That would let you live
A gun in my hand?
Bullets in my gun?
Rage in my bullet?
Yes, and to let it go I must pull the trigger
Release the bitter taste from my throat
I push the gun against your mouth.
Then I choose.
Do I like the brown of my eyes?
Or do I go for a darker shade.

Time to fall. Again.

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