The One

Have you heard of him?
The rock of ages, the prince of peace
He was called the prophet from Nazareth
They said, "No good thing comes from Nazareth"
The carpenter's son, the savior
He was from them yet they recognized him not
To them he was a stranger and an alien
"A prophet is not recognized in his hometown"
He is Jesus, the Messiah
The lamb of God, the light of the city,
The over-comer, the temple of the city
He is the good shepherd that laid down his life
So his sheep might live
He is the root and offspring of David
Yet David called him Lord
He is the true vine and the living bread
The lily of the valley, the bright and morning star
He is a refuge from the storm,
The strength of the needy in distress
He is the author of eternal salvation, my provider
He is the Advocate and the mediator
He is the offerer and the offering
The last Adam, the Lion of the tribe of Judah
He is the King of all Kings
There is none like him.

by Victor Cruickshank

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