The One And The Child

When the bright shining ball passes through the night, I'm not in fright but in delight, because it's not of a wish, but the suspicion of a child forsaken of a friend who is very different, but is careful, for all that is, is all that takes. The curiosity of the child kept their bond mental, but they were the same in life but not in body or brain. The inferior child kept asking, but only got stares, for their friendship was in vain if others found out. The ball of light kept the child full of inspirational hope, their wish was not a hoax but a call.

by Kailee Heckathorn

Comments (3)

Well penned Kailee. The poem flows well and its a wonderful read.
Nicely written for one so young
It leads the reader in some sort of ambiguity... Nicely penned though. Good one there